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Snow on Mountain Thomas

2013-10-04 07:18:38 by BenderTheReligonous


The sky is pure white and grey, the cold winds whipping though steep horizons, the people and kids laugh and whooshing down the snowy hills and crashing onto other people, resulting in laughter, kids crying in pain and people get injured, people riding on air thingamajigs with chairs and ropes.


On the very snowy mountain called 'Mountain Thomas' a 18 year old lady appears to drinking coffee on front of the fireplace, she has extremely long strawberry blonde hair that reaches above her butt, short height just under 6.0 meters tall, she wears a dark jacket, trousers and gloves.



The girl was about to drink coffee when 3 knocks came into her ears like bullets zipping though metal and failed to do so 'Coming!" she shouted and opens the door, standing in front of her was the boy, his beard is nearly fluffy as the rabbit's tickling nose, he wears nearly the same outfit as the lady wears right now "Hey, Lulu." greeted the boy, his hands behind his back, looking bashful and his cheeks grew red "Hey, Brock." Lulu greeted back "You ready for the adventure date?" asked Brock, Lulu smiled and runs out excited and giggling without a answer, "(Yes, this is gonna be a sweet date.)" he thought to himself and runs off.



The hill is steep, deep and snowy but the 2 made to the top of the hill when Lulu and Brock ride down the hill as if they going down on the slippery snowy hill but crashed as Lulu giggled after she stopped and lays a affectionate kiss which in turn made Brock's heart race, his guts in his abomen tightened, his eyes wide in awe, his jaw dropped astoundingly "Come on Brock, I'm just getting started." she said still giggling, the bashful Brock grabs her hand and runs down the hill, dragging the laughing Lulu.



(exit the first music and listen to this romantic music)


The laughing teens went on ice-skiing, riding on a hot air balloon, strolling though the town covered in blankets of snow, went out for lunch, paragliding and finally a snowball fight, Brock threw a missile of snowballs which made Lulu collapse flat on her back "Lulu!" he shouted and runs to her when "Boo!" Brock jumped and fell on his BACK and Lulu jumped into him, flicking up snowball as she does so.




The 2 sat on the side of the frozen river, the water-flow reflects the sunlight beautifully "Thanks for the date, Brock, it was really fun." said Lulu in her affectionate tone "You're most definitely welcome, Lulu." said Brock back, he then blushed and his lips slightly quiver "Lulu, can i tell you something?" asked Brock, his cheeks grew hotter, his guts tightening up to his chest "What is it, Brock?" she asked back, Brock opened his mouth but struggles on what on he wants to her, every time he does, his guts tightened up more, his heart is racing wild like a mouse panicking to get away from its predator, his mouth quivered, his jaw shaking, his head and eyes were down when Lulu drew in , touched his cheek to her eye level and kissed on him on the lips, Brock didn't see that coming at all "You're very romantic, fun, giving, kind-heartened, funny and a honest person Brock and i will never ever, ever, ever forget this." she said affectionately "Now come and kiss me." Lulu kisses his lips again this time Brock kissed back and snowflakes twinkled down on them, the snow blankets and on Mountain Thomas.

Snow on Mountain Thomas


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