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(This is a made-up story so don't get scared too much about it, if that does happen to someone else, then i take back.)



I used to play pokemon since almost 12 years ago but i stop playing due to lack of interest, not completely though, i watch pokemon WiFi  battles with famous battlers like Shofu, Haydun, Marriland and so-fourth, everyday, i come home from school, boot up my computer and watch pokemon battles, when i do, i get this strange feeling, i can't tell if it's chills from my spine or have the energy to relive my childhood, neither way, i'm still no longer interested in pokemon.



One day, i was researching new WiFi battles when i saw a trailer of a new pokemon game




Once it finished, i was jumping for joy and ran out the house almost straight away, i arrived in EB games and already Pokemon X and Y were stacked and there was lots of them, making it hard to decide which game i want to buy when caught my eye, it was Pokemon X but the coverage seemed faded than the rest, i assumed it's a prototype and went to the counter without giving it a second thought, when i showed the game to the staff but something went off, his reaction has changed to being bright and door-opening to a paniced and spooky and weird


"Welcome to EB gam-"


"You can buy this game for free but beware, this game is haunted, destroy it or you'll be doomed, now go, GO before i get sacked."



The tone of his voice is harshed and stern like he's trying not to show fear or to yell and shout, it was very obvious and weird however i shrugged it off and head home. Excitied to relive my childhood, i turned up my 3DS, it wasn't long when i saw something unusual, instead of X, it said 'EXE', i was confused at this but at least, it showed a legendary pokemon which is normal and started the game.


The prototype started normally but 4 seconds later, the blue X logo zoomed in too quickly and cut to blackness, followed by a quick scream which jumped my nerves out, i was waiting for the starter menu but it was replaced with something else, the textbox asked me




"What's your name?"


I selected my name "Rose"


"Good luck......................"






the last words scared me out so much and was so loud, that i dropped my 3DS in shock but taking deep breaths and putting my headphones on, i carried on with the game, i was right at my bedroom without a professor introducing me which was more strange but i thought to myself giggling "This game doesn't need a intro when you need it." i head downstairs when a new bird pokemon flew over the character's head and landed on the couch then a "!" appeared above her character's mom.




"Good afternoon, Rose, i received a phone call from a stranger and he said it's important, you should meet him in Luminose City but first choose your starter pokemon."




Since when did the game use phones? Also the storyline was somewhat different but furthermore, i can't wait to test it out as i got to choose new starters as mentioned in the trailer but something's wrong, Froakie, Chespin, and the firefox pokemon i can't remember were sad but shiny, i wasn't sure if i can feel suprised or confused, the game was already growing weirder very fast but i took it as a glitch that GameFreak forgot to fix and i choose Froakie.




"Here's your PokeDex and you're all set, Rose, be careful out there, the Forest.EXE is dangerous."




Forest.EXE? What's that? Why is '.EXE' mentioned in gaming? Aside from that, i went to look at my shiny Froakie but he is still sad about something, his stats are under 10 and his nature is Timid which is very normal, his characteristics is Haunting and Depressed, i raised by eyebrow at that, i looked at my pokedex and what's strange is that instead of many empty pokedex entries, there's two of them and one was Froakie, i tried to look at his info but the game won't let me and i asked myself "(Is this game really haunted?") I went out of my character's house, there are two gates between the 2 houses when i approach them, they open up which caught me by suprise, route 1 was very short and has no patch of grass but it was normal at least.



When i reached Aquacorde Town, something strange happened, the game cut straight to the cutscene, Aquacorde Town is more like a ghost town and  the character was looking around at the sleeping town when Froakie started to pull her dress and points, the character looked at the shiny Froakie was pointing, there's two hooded figures leaning against the lamp host, back by back and the music started playing but both the figures and music doesn't belong to Pokemon, they belonged to Kingdom Hearts!




"No, you're not the only one."


What does that mean? Did other people play this game too? I was going to say a word when...


"All victims fall into the hands of hell, Rose."


i shut my mouth in disbelief, the prototype game has broke the 4th wall and what's more shocking that the other Organization XIII figure sounds like me 100% but in a concerning tone.


"This is not a game, it's a trap, escape now and destroy it before it's too late."


Since the game can heard me i ask them what's gonna happen to me when time's up? But the figures are looking at the character which the strangest thing i ever been in.


"Your fate will be sealed by a unknown Pokemon who was abandoned by someone who abandoned his Syleon, however you will not die." 


I let out a sigh of relief


"But not straight away this game is done with you though, your mental condition ensures your slow, frightening, painful death after you encouter this haunted pokemon." 


My heart is now up my throat and my eyes are starting to water up but as i was just about turn off the game, the figures look at each other and reveal thmselves and this sent me and my character in our biggest shock ever.The figure on the left is a female psychic girl but her eye puils are sprial-shaped instead of coloured pimples and the figure on the right is none other than me! Same hair! Same face! Same everything apart from the Organization XIII uniform.


"Don't let this game drill into your head as long as you smash this game and end this nightmare." Said the Psychic Girl


The teleport amazing from Kingdom Hearts occured and the 2 woman disappeared


I started to feel a heavy flow in my head, the cutsense came to a end and i gained control of the game, despite the confrontation with the Mysterious Psychic Woman and.........me. As i progressed, everything appeared normal but except the youngster trainer is blocking the way and he is cocky to battle me, so i approached him and the "!" appears at the top of his head "I always wanted to battle a pokemon trainer and now you're here, let's go!"




I was excitied to battle too since a long time has passed, typical he has 2 pokemon and the 1st sent out is a Weedle which again the weirdness is shifted to normal, i sent out my Froakie and now he has an smile on his face and i was stunted by Nitendo's new shiny animation, i was in awe with the battlefield graphics and Froakie's moves were 'Tackle, Leer and Water Gun' "Nice" i said to myself.


"Froakie used Water Gun" I was more happy with the battlemove effects


"Weedle fainted"


"Oh no, gonna run away!"


"Younster.AVI ran away in fear"


My excitement went down the drain with "What the hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed with the picture of Weedle very wet from the Water Gun, its eyeball is hanging out its sockets, mocus and yucky sap layed everywhere and it produced a quick earrape then let out a gurgling, distorted, loud







Now AVI is mentioned in the game? My ears were more damaged than it already is and most of all, i'm starting to get really shaken up now since the beginning but i pressed on into the forest but by the time i did, the cutsense came back. The character and Froakie looked around at the forest, only to spot the the Psychic Woman and me, what's worst it's that an another Kingdom Hearts music is added




"You are a fool to enter this forest, Rose." The game became weird again and i was going to say something when me opened her mouth first


"Don't say a word, turn the 3DS off and keep Froakie safe, if not, you're doomed us all."


"Don't be fooled by its sugarcoated nature."


"Don't let this game be your last, you're next on its list." 


What are they talking about and what are they trying to do to me?


They started in uni "Destroy this game."


Over and over and louder, creating a biggest headache in my life and piercing though my headphones


"Destroy this game."






Suddenly, the character and Froakie fell on their backs from the screaming figures when another pokemon came swooping toward when the figures turn around, the screen again cut to black and made a loud SNAP which made them scream so loud, i jumped out my bed, i was already shaking, thankfully the 3DS landed on my pillow but when i looked up at my 3DS, the butterfly pokemon looked at me and it's still completely black in its deep, sinster voice appears


"I feel so lonely, wanna play with me?"


I began to fall in tears, i wasn't sure if it's Butterfree or Beautifly but i was too busy crying to think about it


TO BE COUTINUED...                  http://www.google.com.au/imgres?hl=en&biw=1024&bih=571&tbm=isch&tbnid=fc_zX1dwS1CTsM%3A&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fleveragehq.org%2Feyes-in-the-dark-nina-lewis.html%2Fred-eyes-in-the-darkeyes-in-the-dark-nina-lewis-wezrof&docid=IkRevTTb7GalRM&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fleveragehq.org%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F12%2Fred-eyes-in-the-darkeyes-in-the-dark-nina-lewis-we36zrof.jpg&w=100&h=90&ei=pqHcUr3pC4XokgWcpYDgDw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=109&page=2&start=8&ndsp=12&ved=0CHsQrQMwCw