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Entry #1

The Corrupted One

2013-10-03 07:50:11 by BenderTheReligonous

Night time

The sky is dark and starless, crickets filled the emptiness, the earth is flat, dirt-lifting, full of burnt and dead trees and lifeless, the full moon shines above the emptiness. The person nimby and slowly walks in the darkness for he is the corrupted one. The person walks up with his eyes shut, the moon bathes down on him, he was alone but it didn't matter to him, he once has a world around him but it was all distorted and deep as the hungry abyss waiting for the blind creature to wonder and tumble on the edge of it, he was emotionally, physically broken but what else does he care?


Around him, everything is corrupted, he opened his eyes "My own world is gone out of the blue and in the black." he said in his regretful tone, the person fell on his knees, knowing that everything around him is dead, everything he did is damaged and done when he caused chaos in his life and many others, everyone he knew  and knows best is dead and forsaken around him, leaving his heart and spirit deserted.



He finally opened his eyes, they are completely bloodshot with raw emotion and corruption, he looked the moon and stares at it as if it was staring at the person, trying to analyze though him for no apparent reason "In the end, why should i live in the world that's non-existent and so full of mercy?!" he asked loudly to the moon, it said nothing and stares at him from above, there is no doubt that he used to think the world around him is full of clear skies, full of life and energy and goals to be aimed for to now became cold, lifeless and otherworldly.



"I'm the only one who is on edge of death and there's no one to save me from..." said the person who drops a tear to the thirsty earth, suddenly he grunted as the life in him became sucked out as if he was trying to breath inside a vacuum cleaner, his eyelids suddenly struggle to give him a clear view, his breathing grew quicker and quicker every second and collapsed flat on the ground where the moon is shining on "I..................feel.........................corrupted." grasped the person as he breathed out his final words and shut his eyes.



The wind blew dead leafs, making his hair, jacket and trousers dance and wisp about as the person lay lifeless and very-well-and-truly dead motion position for everything the person is and around him, world and life is..............corrupted.

The Corrupted One


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